Thursday, 15 March 2012


Thank you once again dear blogging friends for your get well wishes ~ they really do mean so much.  I wish I could post just happy news but my world has been turned upside down in the past week and sadness and worrying times seem to be the main ingredients of each day.

My dear MIL has been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and at the age of 81 with so many health problems already we are anxiously awaiting Specialist's decision as to whether they feel they can safely operate or not, she has been told that chemo will not be an option available to her.

My dear Dad was diagnosed with an aneurysm last year which has had to be constantly monitored as they can only reach a certain size before they rupture and are fatal.  His scan last week showed he is now within 1mm of that danger and the Specialist has said he cannot operate as he would not survive the procedure.  Instead they are going to fit stents to help the blood flow to his heart and again we anxiously await the date for it to happen ~ it feels like we are sitting on time-bombs!

I feel devastated for both of them ~ they are very much loved parents/grandparents and the days that lie ahead of us are very frightening.  Please keep everything crossed that they can both get through this and brighter days are to come.

With my life in such turmoil you can imagine how thrilled I was when Mr. Postie dropped this little cutie through my letterbox . . .

My dear blogging friend Sally stitched this for me after reading about my continual chest infection in my last post (more of that in a mo), oh! I just love it.  Sally stitched this on 35-count coffee-stained linen with DMC threads, backed it with cream calico and edged it with a chenille trim ~ it's so sweet and everything ~ colours, coffee! and of course bunnies is so me!
It really brightened my day and has pride of place on the mantlepiece ~ thank you Sally so much for your kindness and for listening xxx

 So, now to my rotten chest infection which had still not improved last weekend so it was back to the Emergency Clinic and more stronger antibiotics prescribed, ones I had never taken before . . . . you can only take them standing up and you mustn't lie down for at least 30 mins afterwards and you cannot go out in the Sun whilst you're taken them ~ what's that all about?  I keep constant check in the mirror for any fangs and have stayed away from anything garlic, hmmm not much fun being a Vampire!!!
Of course the weather this week has been glorious Spring sunshine and I've really missed sitting out with the bunnies cross-stitching :(
I've also received news that I have to go into hospital shortly for a biopsy ~ I don't do hospitals, hate them, so although Diabetes normally means being put on a drip making a longer stay, I have opted for a local anaestethic so I can escape back home as soon as I possibly can!!!  

Progress ~ well there has been some when it comes to stitching ~ Christmas Patches is coming along nicely and is a real joy to stitch . . .

I can't make up my mind whether to stitch the teddy bear at the bottom right hand side, it's quite a jumble of patterns and colours and is quite hard to immediately determine what it actually is so I've started the border and will then begin the backstitching and make my mind up then ~ so far so good!

Well done, if you've stuck this post out to the end, I realise it's not a very joyful one but I know I have some very good blogging friends out there who will share both the sad and happy times with me.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Well, let's get the 'bad' progress out of the way first . . .

Thank you to everyone who left me get well wishes on my last post, unfortunately silly me let the cold go on too long and put off going to the Docs so last weekend it turned into a nasty chest infection and being both asthmatic and diabetic this was not really good news!  I've been on antibiotics and steroids since and it seems to be a very slow and long process to getting well again.  I still don't have much voice to speak with and my breathing feels very hard work but I am actually dressed and up and about today and that feels like a BIG step in the right direction.

There is a funny side to it all though ~ with my voice as it is I can do a brilliant impression of Ron Weasley when his voice was breaking in The Chamber of Secrets and a lovely gift of beautiful flowers from DH and the kids made my breathing even worse so they had to go outside and I can only see them through the french doors in the Dining Room!!!

 I hate posting dreary, miserable news so let's crack on with some 'good' progress ~ Christmas Patches is stitching up a treat and I'm really, really enjoying it . . .

This has really been the only thing I've felt comfortable doing at the moment ~ I can wheeze in time with each stitch!  I have nearly finished Santa himself then it will be his sack of toys, a teddy bear at his feet, the lovely heart, berry and pine needle border and finally, did I mention? every bit of this design is back-stitched!  I don't mind back-stitching so I'm quite looking forward to seeing Santa coming to life!

Finally, here's a picture of Tilly impersonating me and how I feel most mornings . . .

Her little paw and nose was twitching like mad when I took this photo ~ I'm guessing Mr. McGregor's garden might be in her dreams!!!

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