Saturday, 23 April 2011



Oh dear, do I feel guilty!
After almost 6 weeks of DH complaining of a sore big toe and the rest of us taking little notice and telling him to wear different shoes, he finally went to see the Doc last week who immediately sent him to a Foot Specialist who immediately operated on an ingrowing toenail and left him with 4 stitches and a bandaged foot . . . . HOPPY EASTER!

No Wedding Bells yet for Tilly and Oscar but their cages are together now for 99% of the day, territorial marking has now ended and brief but happy kisses are shared between the barriers.
A very brief 1st date was shared last weekend but not a very good one and a bout of biting and huge clumps of fur flying around the bathroom left me very upset and stressed with my heart beating as fast as their little ones were!  I remain optimistic though and know deep down that even if it's not to be then, depsite the Rescue Centre's option of returning within 4 weeks, Oscar's home will always be here.

Stitching time has been minimal as playing Cupid between the two bunnies and nursemaid to DH seems to be 24/7 but the weather is glorious and apart from the Easter Sunday church services tomorrow we are chore-free and can relax, chill and enjoy the garden.

 Hope the Easter Bunny hops by soon


Colleen said...

Happy Easter to you & your family! That's 1 bunny that won't be hoppy down the bunny trail..Ouch! Love hearing & seeing the budding romance!! {{Hugs from sunny, hot Florida}}

Lindsay-ann said...

Glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather too. I hope it makes your bunnies happier and 'more friendly' very soon ;)
We got back from Florida on Wednesday after having an amazing time. It was very hot for April but the hi-light was meeting 3 US bloggy friends which was lots of fun.
Happy and Hoppy Easter!

Mouse said...

ouch :( poor DH ... not fun .. but should have gone sooner !! and glad to hear things are still ok with the love bunnies cute pictures of them as well :0 love mouse xxxx

Teresa said...

Those little faces are just adorable. I knoiw they will someday be a happy couple. These arranged marriages take a while.
Sorry about DH's foot.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Annette said...

Och poor DH...
What a cute pics of the bunnies... hope they fall in love soon!!

Have a happy bunny Easter

Lesleyanne said...

Hope your DH is soon on his feet again. Gorgeous pictures of your bunnies. Hope love blossoms soon. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Cath said...

Hoppy Easter . ! X
Hope your DH is up and about again soon , and that the bunnies get on .
Take care , X

Kate said...

Ouch! Hope your Hubby's toe heals quickly.

Myra said...

Ouch! That foot looks painful. Tell your DH I hope he gets well soon. I am glad to hear the bunny relationship is progressing, if slowly. I do hope the two will be able to work out their differences and live in perfect harmony soon. Happy Easter!

Denise said...

Don't you feel guilty - I did this too. My husband complained about his 'back' hurting and it was positional. Turns out his right lung had collapsed. He wanted to drive himself to the hospital. I wanted to crawl under his hospital bed - he was there for 21 days - My bad!

The bunnies are adorable! They'll be best friends before you know it.

Happy Easter Jane!

Lois said...

Oh, your poor DH. Hope his foot is feeling better soon! Hoping Tilly and Oscar will be the best of friends soon. Happy Easter!

Barb said...

Hop skipping and jumping Jane, oohh I think there is something in the air - both my ds and dgs have gone through the same thing as your DH lately. Hope it heals quickly.
Humming here Love is in the air -not! Oh dear , now your will have to give those bunnies a strong talking too, perhaps a love potion , I think I would have been as worried as you. Btw did you get my Thankyou mail. You are a sweetie.
Enjoy the rest of your Easter and hope the Easter bunny was kind.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Ouchie! Poor toe!
Sometimes the bunny bonding takes longer than others especially when introducing a male to the female's house. You know how women are about their houses. ;) Is Oscar neutered Jane? Sometimes that can help too. Wishing you all a beautiful Easter.
xx, shell and Harrington

Pumpkin said...

Oh no! Poor DH :o( Hope he heels soon.

It takes time Jane and I'd say you're doing quite well with the two of them :o) I'd gladly adopt Oscar if I lived closer!!!

Happy Easter!

Lynn said...

Happy Easter!
Your poor hubby, that looks very sore! Once it heals I'm sure he'll feel much better.

Tilly and Oscar will be friends I'm sure of it. It quite often takes longer than we expect.
Give it a bit more time.

Justflo said...

oh poor DH. I;m sure your bunnies will get over their temporary stress levels. Good luck with their friendship