Monday, 6 June 2011


Remember 'my' big black cloud ~ YIPEE! it's gone away and my run of bad luck has gone with it :-)

The whole idea of wishing for that 'big black cloud' was to give our gardens and flowers the big drink they have been so desperate for to bring them back to life and the South of England has been waiting and waiting and waiting but all I needed to do was just say the magic word ~


and hey presto! it rains, not just the showers forecast but persistant non-stop rain the whole of Sunday and most of today!

  Saturday was beautiful and hot
 so I said 'that' word and Sunday was not!
Anyone fancy wet burgers and fries
It's the best I can offer ~ just look at the skies!
Even the bunnies have turned up their nose
Wet grass and carrots, not the best I suppose
But come on guys!  Look what it's done
The flowers are blooming and the forecast is SUN!!!

So now to stitchy news . . .
My last 2 posts have been void of anything cross stitch, I have been doing some, honestly, but ssssshhhhh, hush, hush, cannot talk about it yet ???

So I thought I'd show you this one, stitched in 2008 . . . .

The Coffee Angel by Carolina Country House
stitched on Cream 28-count Evenweave with my choice of DMC threads

The original colours for this one were yellow, orange and green with a black chequered border and not coffee-like at all so I changed them to my taste and altered the spelling of cappucino to the english version ~ is one letter c the american spelling? all our products here have 2 letter c's in the middle?

There are four Angels in this series . . . .

The Coffee Angel, The Baking Angel, The Spice Angel and The Herb Angel

The first 3 in the series I tracked down quite easily, although I've only stitched the 'Coffee' one but the 4th one ~ The Herb Angel ~ was non existent until eBay came up trumps and probably the reason was Carolina Country House had changed to Manor House Collection and now they don't seem to exist at all!

So I was just wondering if anyone else had stitched any of them and if so how they had finished them?
As usual they are not a standard frame size finish, they are too big for a pillow finish and would a wall hanging look strange without a fabric border bearing in mind they all have a chequered border already?
Oh, decisions, decisions, now you know why it's been sitting in the 'Remember Me' pile for over 3 years!!!

DD has just got back from sitting her last exam so it's a well deserved rest for her now and fingers crossed she achieves all she's hoping for.

Thank you to everyone for your words of support and encouragement on my recent doom and gloom ~ you are all the perfect tonic for me!



Annette said...

we have at the moment rainy weather.. but it's very good for the plants!!!
lovely pattern your stitched... you will be busy the rest of your life.....
You will find a way for them to finish!!!

Have a great week!!

Pumpkin said...

You did a brilliant job with your color changes Jane! I'd love to see the others stitched up :o)

Hazel said...

Haha! Yes BBQ is def the right word. Love your angel. I think I would still do them as pillows. I'm not very imaginative am I? I have a book with some similar designs in them but not the same. I remember stitching one for my sister when she was having a rough time. It was called a Pocket Angel but it was way too big for a pocket! x

blue star stitcher said...

I really like the color changes you picked. And yes (i thought) capuccino was spelled that same way here in America. Cute finish!

Mouse said...

ohh well done will have to remember that word love your rhyme too :) and not seen those angels before .. mmmm you could always stitch them together and just back the back ??? love mouse xxxx

Patty C. said...

Love the colors !!!

Kate said...

Love your angel - the colours you have used are perfect for the coffee theme.

Lindsay-ann said...

Glad your black cloud has gone away now :)
Love your pretty angels. I have not stitched any but would love to one day, they are adorable.

Mylene said...

Perfect colours you had chosen for the design. Congrats on the beautiful finish.

We had rain too last sunday quite a surprise after the sunny days we've had and sure great for the flowers.

~*Shar*~ said...

I LOVE these angels and hope you can find all of them; I"ll look around also because I'd love to stitch the baking angel..

Hugs, Shar

Lois said...

So sorry you had rain to spoil the day. It's been wet here and last night we'd thunder and lightening!!! So much for sunny June!!!! What a nice finish. What about using a plain fabric for the border and backing if you did a wall hanging?

Sally said...

Those angels are lovely Jane.

Glad that black cloud has left you {{{hugs}}}

Lynn said...

Murphy's Law, say BBQ and the rain will come!
I love the angels. This is the first that I've seen of them. Very cute!

Justflo said...

Fantastic colour changes so like the 'coffee'

Shame about your Barbee. Like you mention outdoor food and down comes the rain. Hopefully it will stop sometime!!!!!

Catherine said...

What a great finish!!