Sunday, 26 February 2012


Last Tuesday struck me down with the dreaded lurgy so with a lovely wheeze and hardly any voice at all, please come closer so I can whisper, try and shout out to you . . . .

LHN 'Winter Band Sampler'
Weeks Dye Works 30~count Parchment Linen
DMC threads

Red Cardinals and Snowflakes

Not sure if I should have left a light on in one of these windows, after all there are 2 little bunnies sitting at the bottom needing the odd carrot or two!

I loved stitching this one :) although there are only 8 colours to the design, I think it pops when it's finished especially the white snowflakes!  I do have an idea of a finish which actually ~ hold your breath ~ may not be a pillow!!!

Sleep is minimal at the moment as that seems to be the time when the continual coughing takes hold, so I have made use of my extra hours and started my next project and I really dug down deep in the stash box for this one . . .

This gorgeous design uses 39 different colours for the 'patches'.  I love the fact that I can pick and choose which patch I fancy stitching next and so I'm hoping that with it being quite a large design this random method will stop me getting bored with it . . . hmm, famous last words!!!

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Catherine said...

Oh Jane, I do hope you are feeling better. Congratulations on your finish, it's so sweet! I haven't seen Christmas Patches in a long time! So colorful and cute when finished up!

Hazel said...

Well done on a fab finish. Love your new start. Really pretty colours. x

cucki said...

wowww it is looking so sweet..what a cute finish..
well done dear..
and great new start..
big hugs
happy stitching
cucki xx

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Very pretty LHN finish! Can't wait to see how you finish it. Fun new Santa project, too. I'll enjoy watching your progress on that!
I hope you're feeling better today and that you have a good week.

Shirlee said...

So sorry you haven't been feeling well ... I hope you are better soon! I love the band sampler & that Santa is going to be gorgeous when it's finished! Blessings, Shirlee

Cath said...

Hope you feel better soon Jane .
Love Winter Band Sampler , got it in my stash , and just need to encourage myself to actually do some stitching ,lol.
Nice new start. I've not seen that one before so looking forward to seeing progress.
Take care. X

CalamityJr said...

Your winter band sampler looks lovely; can't wait to see what finish you've teased us with! Hope you feel better soon and continue enjoying stitching your patchwork Santa. Take care of yourself!

Kate said...

Lovely finish - like the look of the new start too. Hope the lurgy clears up soon.

Terri said...

Congrats on the finish, it's beautiful

Lesleyanne said...

I hope you feel better soon Jane. Love your finish and can't wait to see how you finish it. I still haven't finish finished mine yet. Love your new start.

Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon Jane, it's no fun being sick! Lovely finish. Christmas patches is just gorgeous - I've been doing a piece with 'patchwork' on it lately too and I found that the patches did stop me from getting bored!

Elaine said...

Lovely finish and look forward to more of your pretty patches.
Hope you feel better soon Jane, hugs.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Get Well Soon!
I love your Winter Band Sampler, the snowflake O is so clever!
I saw a photo of an actual cardinal on someone's blog recently. I can't believe how RED they are in real life. We don't have them in the UK at all so I never knew!

Deb said...

I'd be happy dancing too - your piece is just so pretty. And I love your next piece - I have had that one in my stash for forever, and it will be fun watching you stitch it. I hope that you're feeling better.

Carol said...

I had never in my life heard of the "dreaded lurgy"--had to look that one up!! Guess it is the flu, Jane? I'm so sorry it hit you--hope you feel better very soon :)

Your finish is one gorgeous piece--congratulations :)

Veronica said...

Lovely finish. The red in the design really does pop. Christmas Patches seems like a fun stitch. Look forward to seeing more.


Pumpkin said...

Woohoo! Another wonderful finish :o) Great job Jane!

I like your next project. I find it's so much fun when there are lots of bright colors.

Sorry to hear you are sick. Mine is in my sinuses right now >:o( I hope you feel better soon.

Annette said...

Another happy dance happy dance!!
I also was happy dancing.. now I come here and do another happy
Your next piece has so many lovely colors!!.. enjoy stitching it.. can't wait to see teh next update

Lynn said...

So sorry to hear you've been struck by the flu. I hope you feel much better soon!
It's amazing that you had a finish despite your illness. I never feel like stitching or anything else for that matter when I'm ill.
Your Winter Band Sampler is just lovely!
The new start is so bright and colourful.It looks like a fun stitch!

Myra said...

Congratulations! Lovely, lovely finish. I hope you feel better soon.

Sally said...

I hope you'll be feeling much better soon Jane.

Love your LHN finish. You're right about the colours, they do pop on that fabric.

Looking forward to seeing more of your new start.

Anonymous said...


I love your Winter Band Sampler finish it's great.

I have this one to do too.

Your patchwork santa start is lovely too.

Stitching Noni said...

So sorry to hear that you have been sick, hope you're on the mend. Love your finish - well done. Christmas Patches is a lovely design - hope you enjoy stitching him. Look forward to seeing your progress on him ;o)