Saturday, 27 February 2010

3, 2, 1 ~ HERE WE GO ............

My 1st post and I'm a complete novice so hope I get it right!
I've been logging in to so many of you regular bloggers that share my love of cross stitch and sewing and have really enjoyed reading all your news and seeing your photos of all the lovely things you stitch so decided to join in and with a lot of help from my 12yr old son (a techno expert already!) I am now up and running.

I have been cross stitching for the last 16 years (gosh!) and it is my relaxation and 'me time' at the end of the day when my gang of three have climbed the stairs and left me and DH in peace. I keep an ever-growing stash of charts, fabrics, threads and kits which will probably never see the light of day but I'll keep them, you know, just in case .......

I have finished two projects since a very Snowy Christmas and hope to upload pics of them soon. I am busy on the third project now (one from the bottom of the box of stash!!) so with a spare hour right now I'm off to do a bit more ........

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Jessie said...

Hi Jane,
thanks for dropping by my blog and left your sweet comment :)
Nice "meeting" you! My eldest boy is 12 years old too.
SOme of your projects are my favourite designs too. Hope to share our passion for stitching in time to come.
Meanwhile, Happing stitching~