Monday, 31 May 2010


Where did the last 3 weeks go?

Well firstly a 'BIG' event on our calendar which was full of mixed emotions.  DD, no, DDD - my 'Dear Darling Daughter' officially finished school on Thursday, 20th May and now only returns to school to sit her exams, the last of which will be on 23rd June!   Now when I say Where did the last 3 weeks go? ... Where did the last 16 years go?  It really does seem like only yesterday when she tightly gripped my hand on her first day of school and since then all the Christmas Nativities, Sports Days, Dressing-Up Days (we've done Hermione Granger, Pongo from 101 Dalmations, Victorian Maid and Fairies), School Trips, Parent Evenings and now it's all over (hold on : tissue box needed yet again!), I will miss it all.
Now College Days and Independency begin . . .

The following day was her first School Prom and I don't know who was more nervous!  We have spent months hunting out THE dress, THE shoes, THE bag, THE jewellery and transport and thankfully it all came together as we had hoped.  The weather was beautiful and sunny and the afternoon was spent at the hairdressers having her hair dressed for the occasion with curling tongs, diamond hair decorations and a cream flower and when at 6pm she came down the stairs ..... (yep, tissue box again please!)

Her dress was pale gold satin with jewelled front skirt and bodice and laced back.  Her sequined clutch bag matched and her shoes were cream to match her hair flower with jewels attached.  DH and I were the proudest parents ever!

Now to stitching!  'When Witches Go Riding' is complete and I'm really pleased with it, I was so unsure about the fabric colour but persevered and now it's complete I'm happy.  The design is a busy one with strong colours so I feel the fabric colour helps lift it without losing any definition ~ I really recommend this stitch to everyone, it's easy and fun and progress is quick, I did change the faces on most of the pumpkins to smiley mouths but other than that I stuck to the chart.

'When Witches Go Riding' by The Prairie Schooler stitched on 28 count Antique White Jobelan with suggested DMC threads

Next was a quickie!  I had the suggested fabric and all the GAS threads so it is as it should be.  The only nitpick I had was that it said on the chart to do the Smyrna stitch for the eye in the same colour as the body which meant it just didn't show up at all and it is definitely not shown in that colour on the front of the chart.  I have all the charts for this series of birds and the eyes are all stitched in a light colour different from the body and after trying that and still not liking it I stuck to good old Black and I like the result!  For once this has stitched up to a standard size for framing and yesterday DH bought me a lovely pair of wooden frames so this birdie will be framed and on show soon and I can replace with the appropriate bird as each Season comes and goes.

'Summer Bird' Wee One by Heart in Hand  stitched on 32 count Summer Khaki Belfast linen with suggested GASTs

Next I did something very daring . . . . I opened the 'hidden from sight ~ but know it's there lurking' ... W.I.P. box. I always feel very guilty when I open this box at the expense of the items waiting in there to be picked up again but being ignored whilst others get chosen first. BUT I did find probably the smallest project started, over 2 years ago I think, which were 3 little circular snowmen faces taken from a past cross-stitch magazine. I had completed one and half-started/finished another so after recently completing both Halloween and Summer projects (a little Seasonal confusion at the moment) I finished a Christmas stitch as well. I love their little cheery faces, the magazine suggests finishing them as cards but I think I will make 3 little stockings (one for each of my babies with their name on - Oh Mum! how embarrassing!) and add these faces to the front of each one.  The gaps in the blue background should be white stitches but I'm going to add silver beads to sparkle them up for Christmas.

'Cool Yule Snowmen Trio' stitched on 28 count various shades of linen with DMC threads

I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks.  The boys are now on Half-Term for one week and DH is on 2 weeks holiday so we shall be able to spend some good times together.  I took a chance and suggested to the gang that we might have a day out at the Zoo and take a picnic like old times (I really was expecting 'no way Mum, do you know how old we are now?') but it was greeted with approval and I was really chuffed (tissues please!), not sure if DH had had a sneeky word with them beforehand but who cares, a family day out, it will be fun!

I'm hoping in the second week DH and I will be able to hunt out some bargains at the Charity Shops, I was lucky on Saturday and found an unused kit with damaged canvas but 25 unused skeins of DMC threads for £2.  I also found a bundle of old cross-stitch magazines and in one is a chart that has really wet my appetite, not one I would ever choose before so I'll leave it 'till next time to show a pic just in case I have a change of mind!

Thinking of all of you who are commemorating Memorial Day overseas.



~*Shar*~ said...

Your daughter is beautiful hun; my "baby" is expecting my first granddaughter in Aug; were very excited. I love your stitching; the snowmen are adorable' I've never seen them before; if you want to sell or trade the pattern please let me know.
Hugs, Shar


Lesleyanne said...

Your daughter looks beautiful. You must be very proud. I would need tissues too. Lovely stitching as always.

Annette said...

What a beautifull daughter you have.
Lovely stichting you have done!!!

Sally said...

Your daughter looks so pretty Jane. I needed the tissues when my eldest had her prom and now she's about to finish her first year at uin ( yes her going to uni needed tissues too!)

Love your finishes.

Ginnie said...

Your daughter looked lovely for Prom. My two have their last exam on the 23rd June aswell then their Prom is the 24th! Yes I will be as emotional that day as you!!
Love the snowmen, I stitched those a couple of years ago and gave them away.... may have to do them again!

Barb said...

What a pretty young lady you have there Jane. So pleased all went well,seems like a lot of effort goes into these things, nothing like it when my two were at school. I know we had busy times in the florists at prom times.
I think the song forget who its by,turn around and they are grown has it right.
Love the Witches go riding well done on the finish and also the snowmen.
However no news on Buttons what is the latest?

Le blog de marylin said...

Oh that it is beautiful! Which talent best regards

Pumpkin said...

She's beautiful! The dress IS perfect :o)

Great finishes Jane! You've been a busy girl ;o) I admire you for going into the WIP box. You're much braver than I am. LOL!