Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I have to start by thanking those of you that were so kind and left me messages of sympathy and support on my loss of Buttons, they all meant so much to me and the fact that people not only read my posts but then take the time to leave a message when we all lead such busy lives is very touching.  I have had lots of ups and downs since that day but have found much comfort in the Rainbow Bridge verse and my knowledge that I had a wonderful 10 years from my bunny, my best buddy.

So life goes on!  On the 15th my twin boys turned 13 and now I have 3 teenagers in the house (it can feel like 4 sometimes when DH's around!!)  We bought them new gaming consoles which they very much wanted and in the evening took them out for a family meal.  The following day they went away for the weekend with their church group to a big Christian Youth Camping Weekend in the grounds of a private school not far from us.  The weather was perfect and they enjoyed swimming, sporting tournaments, discos, camp fire food and a couple of very late nights!

School has now finished and now begins the 6 weeks Summer holidays.  We don't have anything particular planned so I guess it will be a chilled and relaxed time for all, we eagerly await the 24th August when DD's exam results will come through, I know she gave her best so I will be pleased with whatever results she achieves.

And now the news I have been itching to share with you:

introducing . . . .


This wasn't a decision I had planned to make but for my own personal reasons and something one of my children had said that touched my heart I decided our family wasn't complete without a bunny.  So whilst the boys were blissfully unaware and away at their camping weekend DH and DD took me to numerous garden centres which all had pet shops so I could look at the bunnies but none of them pulled at the heartstrings.
Our local pet rescue centre was being refurbished so the rabbit department was shut down and no-one had any bunnies for rehoming.

So all Saturday night I searched the internet and finally came across a breeder, some 45minutes drive away who had a litter of 9 for sale with pictures posted of each one.  They were all beautiful with very unusual coats apart from one which just stood out for me.  I emailed her that evening to see if we could drive over and take a look on the Sunday morning and later that night she emailed back to say 8 of them had now been sold and only 1 was left . . . . yep, the one that was pulling at those heartstrings!

Sunday morning over we went with me repeatedly saying to DH and DD 'I don't want to be pressurised, it may be too soon and not feel right' and they agreed.  I explained this to the breeder as well and she said I was under no obligation ..... then she got 'Baby Number 8' out of her hutch for us to see .........  a little mini-lop ear doe, 9 weeks old and agouti coloured (same pattern and colouring as a wild rabbit/and Buttons).  Yep, you guessed it, I melted and home she came with us, 1 week ago.

Tilly at 3 weeks old

I've named her Tilly, no particular reason why, it just suited her.  Within 3 days of her being here we each received bunny kisses, lots of lap hopping and the wonderful binkies that all bunny owners love to see!  She eats virtually anything (including your hair) and loves to sit on my lap at breakfast time eating celery.
The children were so young when we first got Buttons and have no memories of all the above gestures so this is lovely for them to experience and best of all it has encouraged them to talk about Buttons and my memories of him doing the same things.

Bunny kisses for Twin II

Tilly made her first visit to the Vets the very next day for her first jab and to be checked over for any problems.  The vet we saw was the one that treated Buttons tumor so I think she knew how special this new bunny was to us, she cuddled her so much I didn't think I was going to get her back again but her reassuring eyes told me that I had done the right thing and that she was perfectly healthy but just needed to put some weight on!  I'm sure when she returns for her second jab next week the weighing scales will definitely confirm this!!!

And finally, what about my Blog?  Do I continue?  If I do, then do I rename it?

I've lost a couple of followers recently, perhaps my ramblings about sad occasions have put people off but going by the number of kind people offering words of support recently I guess followers are willing to share those moments too.  I don't want to change the name, Buttons & Stitches was all about my bunny and cross-stitching and if I keep the name then his memory lives on too, I expect Buttons name will make a continual appearance on posts along with Tilly.  I have done no cross-stitching since that day not because I've lost my mojo or anything, it just hasn't felt right but I will!  I will stitch something commemorative of Buttons, I have kept his food bowl, he had the same one for 10 years, I shall put a church candle in it and stitch an evenweave band around it with words that are special to me and on special days I can then light it and think of Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you to everyone for sticking by me, normal stitchy posting will resume again shortly!!!



Hazel said...

Awww I am sorry for your loss. Tilly is a cutie. Our rabbit escaped a couple of weeks ago but she went over to a friends garden and I was more than happy to let them keep her as they had grown quite attached to her. Don't worry about losing followers. It happens to me too. Try not to let it bother you. It might just be people who don't even blog anymore. x

Cath said...

Tilly is lovely , and if it felt right to you then it was the right decision . Don't leave Buttons out of your blog name , but you could always alter it a little bit if you wanted to by calling it Button and Stitches with Tilly .
No-one is happy and without troubles all of the time , so your blog posts have to reflect real life. I'm glad you're on the road to feeling better . XXX

Lesleyanne said...

Tilly is a little cutie. I loose followers and then gain followers and then loose them so don't worry. I look forward to hearing more about Tilly and your stitching.

Denise said...

Congrats on Tilly. She's a wonderful addition to your family. I think keeping Button's name on your blog is a great tribute.
As for your follower's - eh, don't sweat it. I have lost some and then gain others. Their reasons are their own.
And goodluck with 4 teenagers. My DH is more like a kid than adult most of the time. Love him still though.

Smiles - Denise

Anonymous said...

Tilly is darling! We raised rabbits when I was growing up, and I so loved the bunnies when they came along. I think you should keep the blog's name as it is. It's a wonderful way to remember Buttons. :)

Pumpkin said...

That's WONDERFUL Jane!!!! Congratulations on your new addition to the family :o) Tilly is adorable and I like the name.

I wish Popcorn was as friendly as Tilly :o(

natalyK said...

What a great addition Tilly will be to your family. Can't wait to read updates about your new beloved bunny. I think you can keep the blog name because buttons do go with handwork and it holds endearing memories for you.

Myra said...

Tilly sure is cute. Congratulations. Our blogs can't always be about stitching - they are a part of our life as is everything else. I will look forward to seeing little Tilly grow up.

Annette said...

Children grow up so fast...Hope they enjoy there long summer..
Wow congratz with Tilly, she is so adorable. the pictures from 3 weeks old... ow I want a bunny too... I hope she can give you as much joy as Buttons did..

Karen said...

OMg...that bunny is so cute! Glad you found some peace and have a new adorable bunny.

Michelle May said...

Oh my goodness gracious! I love Tilly and I am so happy you got her. This post touched my heart so much as the name of my blog represents Razzy, who is Raspberry. Keep the name, be true to who you are and all of us who love bunnies and stitching and real friends will remain loyal followers and true friends. Razzy and Sugie are both at the vet hospital tonight. It is hard to be a bunny parent. I think you were truly blessed with 10 years with Buttons. A gift of love. A gift that is now going to be shared with Tilly. I'm so happy for you. She is darling!
Hugs and friends always!

Barb said...

Oh Jane she is just adorable,so pretty.The pictures of her , well no wonder you felt she was the one. Buttons will always be in your heart but hopefully Tilly will help it mend,
As for the blog thing ,I think Caths suggestion is good,or you could just wait a while then decide.Take care sweetie and enjoy the summer with your young people.

Sally said...

Aww Jane, Tilly is adorable! It is a difficult decision whether to have another pet or not. I know we went through this when we lost our budgie but it just felt right having another one.

Please please keep going with your blog and definitely keep the name :) I think we all lose followers from time to time. I know I do.

Enjoy the summer with your children. We don't have any plans either.

Justflo said...

Tilly looks really loveable. Don't be too hard on yourself, you're bound to feel more 'the thing' soon. Your stichingmind will return when ready. until enjoy your new friend.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'm Tickled that Tilly Touched your Tender heart! She is a darling bunny!! Love the pic of her kissing twin II's forehead.

Sorry you lost some followers - I have too; probably for the same reasons but truth be told - I love peaking into the lives of our blogging friends and seeing what's going on in their world besides stitching. Keep up the good work!

Daffycat said...

Congratulations on the new bunny, Jane! Tilly is so sweet. I see lots of my blogging friends have buns and listen avidly to their adventures with them. Sadly, I am terribly allergic to rabbits. When I worked at the pet store I loved to sneak a cuddle but I always paid dearly for the pleasure in sniffles, sneezes and a plugged-up nose!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Tilly is beautiful & sweet, no wonder you couldn't resist her. We try to not buy from breeders but I suppose even these little bunnies need a good home & she's a cutie and definatly in a good home so I am so happy for her and for you:D

Our Hazzy left us almost a year ago but it feels more like 5 because I've missed her so much in such a short time. I guess we have to remember that we give bunnies a good home & that's important, so let's keep doing it if our big ol hearts can take it when they have to leave right:D

Hugs to your tender heart, hugs to your new sweet Tilly (ps LOVE the name) and have a wonderful wonderful summer.

reinaknits by the fire said...

Tilly is beautiful....hug her for me.
We had bunnies years ago when kids were small.
Enjoy Tilly she will be great fun. Love her coloring already.
"Happy Stitching" from Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
~reina~ (reinaknits)

Cheryl said...

Tilly is so adorable!!!!