Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I've changed needles at the moment!

My cross stitch needle is taking a well-earned break and in its place are a pair of 4mm bamboo knitting needles and this is what they are producing . . . .

Cath from The Stitchin' Chicken posted on her blog a request for any knitters to join the Stitch for Charity challenge to help knit a total of 1000 4"squares to make into blankets and jumpers for babies and children in Lesotho in South Africa.  I feel this is such a great cause and takes such little effort so out came the needles and clickety click they go each evening and the bonus is I get to watch the TV at the same time!  If you can help here's the link to Cath's request
You have until 25 December so if all knitting bloggers out there only knit 1 square that would amount to a good percentage!

Now, here's something weird!  I say clickety click in the info above but I'm actually a silent knitter as I use bamboo needles ~ 'what's strange about that?' you ask!  Well, if I use metal needles they bend, I am quite a tight knitter but not to the extent that the needles bends completely out of shape resulting in wonky knitting!  I can hold metal cutlery and without any force it does the same thing and more bizarre . . . . I have never ever needed to replace a watch battery even with watches that I have worn for several years . . . . . is this an X-Files moment or does anyone else have the same experiences?

A big Thank You to Cath also for nominating me for a Stylish Blogger award.  I have, though, already received it before so on this occasion will have to pass but I am touched that I was one of Cath's choices, it means a lot to me xxx

It's a mini-heatwave here in the South this week but it's forecast to be followed by heavy rain and thunderstorms so it will be shortlived, never mind we are just about to light the BBQ and make good use of the sun whilst it's here.

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Lesleyanne said...

Lovely squares for such a great cause. Unfortunately I can't knit.

Cath said...

Fantastic squares Jane , they will look so good on the jumpers and blankets . I've been trying to count them , but could only manage that there must be over 20 , so well done ,and Thankyou .XXX