Thursday, 22 September 2011


Thank you to everyone who left their name to become the next stitcher of the Travelling Pattern  ~ Lizzie*Kate's 'Life's A Stitch'.  
The next stitcher is . . .


Welcome to The Stitcherhood Kate, if you can send me your address details I'll pop it in the post to you!
As soon as Kate has stitched it, it will need another home to travel to so keep an eye on her blog and she can keep you up-to-date.

Tuesday, 20th September was a day of memories for DH and I as we celebrated

We received some lovely cards, bouquets of flowers, bottles of wine and some very calorific chocolates.
Our plan was to have a celebratory day out and both being void of present ideas would choose something together BUT unfortunately Twin II fell ill the day before and was really quite poorly, so much so that our planned day out together was put on hold and we played at being nursemaids instead!
Our celebratory meal that evening was a take-away and a bottle of bubbly ~ now how's that for a bit of romance???  It didn't matter to me though ~ DH and my 3 lovely children around me, I don't need anymore ~ it's been a great 25 years so far and I look forward to the next 25.

Oh yes, I hadn't forgotten you two!

Stitching news ~ well, a bit frustrating really!  I was a naughty girl a little while back and gave in to some on-line Sales but, due to so many other people doing the same thing, shipping orders has been dreadfully slow and communications with up-dates even more so!
I finally blew a fuse yesterday and had a rant at the culprits and Hey Presto! emails appeared immediately and orders are now being processed and some of them actually shipped!

In the meantime while I impatiently patiently wait I have started this one . . .

This is 'Gather a Harvest' by Lizzie*Kate which I'm stitching on linen with Gentle Art Sampler threads.  I don't have the exact listed thread colours but as Autumn colours are my favourites I think I can do it justice with what I have in my box already.

Take care everyone!
Thanks for stopping by


Denise said...

Happy belated Anniversary!

The bunnies are adorable and love your LK stitch!

Sorry your ONS has been slow - can't wait to see what you got!

Carol said...

Congratulations on 25 years together, Jane!! In this day and age that is really something to be proud of :)

I've had the same problem with a recent online order--finally emailed them yesterday. Still haven't heard back--it's been three weeks or more since I placed the order. I'm glad you've found a project to fill in in the mean time...The colors you've selected look perfect!

Lynn said...

Happy anniversary! In this day of broken marriages, 25 years is really something.
I just received an order yesterday that took 4 weeks for me to received. It was actually shipped within 5 days of ordering. I don't know what took it so long to get here!

Lesleyanne said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Great new start. Congrats to Kate on joining the sisterhood.

Mouse said...

oooo happy anniversary ... you kept that quiet and the meal in and bubbly sounded wonderful anyways ... love the bows on the bunnies :0
well done to Kate will be stalking her next hahahah ... and love the new start and what have you been ordering >>>>???? love mouse xxxx

country stitcher said...

Happy 25th Annivesary! sounds like you had a lovely time.
I really like this LK - can't wait to see it completed.
I order from 123 Stitch and always have my order within a week. I have tried other places and they seem to take for ever. Hope you get your order soon.
Happy Stitching

Hazel said...

Happy anniversary. What's your top tip??? Love your new wip. The colours are lovely. x

Myra said...

Happy 25th Anniversary and congratulations too! Oh that pic of the bunnies is just too cute. I am really impatient when it comes to online orders - some of the faster shippers really have me spoiled.

Lois said...

Congratulations on 25 years! May you have many more! Hope that order arrives soon. Nothing more frustrating than waiting weeks. Love your L*K start! Have a good weekend Jane!

Annette said...

Congratz on teh 25 years... wow that long how great of you..
YOu have a great life with al besauatifull people around you....

Thos bunnie pic's are so sweet!!

Great new start

Kate said...

Oh yipee it's me - thank you so much!
Many congratulations to you and DH on your milestone anniversary. Hopefully Twin II has fully recovered now.
Love you new start. I'm off to email you my address - thanks again.

Sally said...

Happy 25th Anniversary! My DH and I reached ours back in April:)

Sorry to hear you've had such a long wait with your order. I'm glad that you've eventually got sorted though.

Congratulations to Kate!

Pumpkin said...

Congrats Jane! DH and I are celebrating our 16th today :o)

Awwww! What a sweet picture!

Great start! Love this design but don't remember it...

Shari said...

happy anniversary & many more..
love the piece you have started & oh my!! Those 2 bunnies are adorable!!! We raised rabbits while our kids were growing up & our daughter had this breed!!