Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A big HELLO to anyone who might still be following me after rather a long absence!  I am sorry for disappearing but without going into long dreary details I have continued to battle with my health, felt very sorry for myself and at one time decided to give up my blog BUT brighter days have returned, I have been in hospital again and received positive news and after my lovely children nagging at me to return to blogging ... here I am!

So down to business, well blogging business anyway!  I have been treated to a new long-awaited friend and that is .... a new sewing machine!

This is the Janome MC5900 Quilters Companion and apart from making my cups of coffee it literally does everything!  I had resisted for so long but DH, so desperate I think to bring a smile back to my face, has treated me to an early birthday present and I'm absolutely loving it!  There are so many things to try on it but my main aim is to start quilting, starting from the basics and hopefully leading to free-motion quilting and also some design work.

I have kept my cross-stitching going too and have a couple of Happy Dances but will share those next time as I see, looking at the calendar, that tomorrow is Halloween and I have 2 finishes for this occasion to share . . .

Firstly, using my new machine I decided to make a Witch's Stocking . . .

Great fun to make and a good way of using all your scraps of fabric and embellishments, I think most of these fabrics you will have seen over the years in other finishes.  I used the stitch and flip method using some wadding as my base to give it a lovely soft finish and rather than a rounded Christmas stocking shape I made it thinner and more pointed in the foot.

Ric-rac, black ribbon, square & blackbird buttons, decorative machine stitching and pom pom trim

Pumpkin charm and hand-beaded 'BOO'

another charm, more ric-rac and one last button!

Fully lined with ribbon hanging loop

And there we are ~ all ready to be filled with treats (not too keen on the tricks) for any spooky callers tomorrow night!

And secondly some cross stitching  . . .

Ghoul Tidings by Plum Street Samplers

Those of you that know this design from this year's Just Cross Stitch Halloween edition will notice that I've not completed the whole design, main reason being I bought the magazine just as it was released when we were out in Florida in July, made a photocopy to work from and stitched most of it whilst out there, to return to England missing both the magazine and photocopy!  But Hey! I like it as it is, not too much black without the missing top part of the design and, of course, I turned it into a pillow, used what was left of my black pom pom trim and used ribbon and buttons for hanging!

I have so much more to share with you and that is a good reason to stick with my blogging and catch up with you all again.  I hope you are all well and have a wonderful Halloween xxx

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Gill said...

Welcome back!
How wonderful to have a new sewing machine!

Marlene Jones said...

Nice to see you back, glad to hear you are feeling better.
Love your stocking,

cucki said...

Aww such cute finishes..I love them so much
Hugs x

Vickie said...

I am so sorry for your health difficulties. I hope that they are over and done with now.♥

Melanie said...

I love the stocking and it's fabulous shape! I know the excitement of having a new machine, I have just upgraded mine and can't wait to get some time to sew. Enjoy x

Myra said...

Jane, I am delighted to see a post from you. Congratulations on your new machine. I couldn't do without mine and I know it will become like a good friend to you. I LOVE your stocking! What a fabulous idea. Your PSS finish looks wonderful. Pom pom trim is one of my favorites.

Mouse said...

ohhhh hellooooo .. glad to see you here and wow don't know which bit to drool over first the machine , the stocking or the pillow ....
((hugs re the positive news) and can I come down for some sewing lessons love mouse xxxx

Lorna Appleby said...

You're back! You're back! ((Does the happy bunny dance))

That stocking looks brilliant! And definitely a sewing machine to hug.

Cath said...

Good to see you back. Hope things continue to improve for you .x
Love the stocking and the stitching. Great ideas xxx

Kate said...

How lovely to see you back in the blogging seat.
Fabulous machine - but I do have a thing for Janome machines. Love the stocking and your pillow. Look forward to seeing your next post.

Sally said...

It's lovely to see you back Jane. Hope your health goes from strength to strength.

Love the stocking and the pillow. I think I have to get that issue just for the pillow!

Melissa said...

2 beautiful finishes!!! Don't worry about the long absence. It happens to everyone at some point for one reason or another.

I can totally picture a mini witch's broom poking out the top of that awesome halloween stocking you've created!!! That and maybe a Lolly-Pop or two ;)

Happy Halloween!

Mylene said...

Great to see you back. Hope your health continues to improve.

Lovely finishes!!

Catherine said...

What great goodies!!

Maggee said...

THANK YOU, 'lovely children' for encouraging Mom to keep on blogging! So GLAD you are feeling better and have supportive family! What a great stocking you made! I am not so good with the sewing machine lately... I really must practice more! And your stitching PSS piece is also lovely! I look forward to the next post with the Happy Dances, and hopefully a bunny report! Big Hugs to you!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Welcome back! Love your Hallowe'en Stocking, what a clever idea.

Annette said...

So sorry you had health problems.
Hope it's al going better now.
Please don't stop your blog..
You have such a wonderfull blog!!
I love coming her.
Good job Kids!!!

OMG what a awesome sewing machine, and your stocking is so COOL..
i love it..
I'm crazy for RicRac fabric.. really awesome!!

Stay with us, only when it's with some time-outs in between...

When your health is better you blog and craft mojo will go ona roll, and you can't be stopped anymore.. hihihi
have a great Sunday

Lesleyanne said...

Welcome back Jane. I am so pleased you decided not to give up blogging. Your stocking and stitching finishes are both gorgeous.

Barb said...

Well hello there my Tilly and Oscar Jane, how lovely to see a post from you again. You do not disapoint when you pop up, what fabulous creations , love the Hallowe'en stocking and the pillow , now that sewing machine looks like a serious piece of kit. I do not "do" straight with machines so no hope for me quilting wise . Are you taking orders lol.
Enjoy your sewing time and thanks so much for blogging again as it makes a certain person ME very happy.Hugs for T & O.

Maxine said...

Great to see you back blogging again. That machine is a serious piece of kit says me who has on ordinary sewing machine that I struggle to control lol. All your stitching/sewing is fabulous :)