Monday, 18 November 2013


I have a funny feeling at the moment that maybe I am invisible or my previous post showing my attempt at something different than cross stitch didn't go down too well?  To the few of you that did pop by and leave your kind words then many thanks ~ they mean a great deal to me and they give me encouragement to continue xxx

Not much going on in my little part of the world this past week, another birthday came and went and DH took me out for a nice lunch and a visit to a couple of lovely craft shops but the weather was dreadful, it was raining when I woke up and still doing the same when I went to bed, so much so even Mr. Postie didn't visit!
My DD couldn't get home from Uni for a visit but with her work load time is precious to her and I'm looking forward to this coming weekend when DH, DSs and I go and visit for a long weekend ~ I haven't seen her since 1st September and there are times when I find it so hard :( 
As you know I had my long awaited new sewing machine for my birthday gift but my boys wrapped up so extra goodies too . . .

Guess How Much I Love You 2014 Calendar, Woolly Gloves and a Calico Bunny which can be decorated however you like ~ fabric pens, buttons, ribbons, patches or clothes
~ Oh! I'm going to have fun with that :)

Oh, and one other birthday present ~ a lung infection and a rapid course of steroids for 1 week (that was a nice present from the Doctor wasn't it? he didn't even put a card with it!!!)

Our Weather forecast is predicting snow for much of the UK on Wednesday and tonight begins the start of plummeting temperatures so before the pictures of fluffy white stuff start, I thought I'd show this Happy Dance which I completed back in August . . .

Shepherds Bush ~ Baby Bug Ball

Beads and embellishments

Baby Bug #1 ~ a butterfly maybe?

Baby Bug #2 ~ Has to be a bee?

Baby Bug #3 ~ Not sure, perhaps another butterfly? But my favourite, how about you?

Oh dear, that's a 5th Happy Dance for the Shepherds Bush collection and as yet none of them framed!
(and ssssshhhh, there's another kit waiting in the Stash Box too!)

I thought I might just add one more picture . . .

I so love this one, and now DD is in her 2nd year at Uni and the boys are busy at College, get-togethers are few and far between ~ love them to bits xxx

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Vickie said...

Hooray! Oh Jane, you must frame those up!!
What a lovely picture of your children. =)

Pam in IL said...

I missed your last post, so I'll have to go back and check that out.

Sending belated Happy Birthday wishes!

Hope you're feeling better now. Love the pic of your so grown up kids.

Nicole said...

Beautiful stitching! I love Baby Bug Ball. I stitched it years ago and it's still one of my favorites!

cucki said...

Wow very sweet stitching...
And very pretty pictures of your children..
Big hugs x

Carol said...

So many darling SB finishes, Jane! I, like you have a hard time getting around to framing things... And what a great photo of the kids--I know just what you mean about missing your daughter. We haven't seen our youngest son since early September either and it seems like such a long time. He'll be home for Thanksgiving and, believe me, I'm counting the days!

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday and a very healthy year ahead :)

Cath said...

Sorry Jane , I have been very lax in leaving comments lately .
Love your bear though, a wonderful job.
Great stitching finishes too. Can't wait to see what you do with your bunny.
What a great pic of your kids, happy smiles xxx

P.J. said...

Continue to explore those creative nooks and crannies! Your stitching is quite lovely. I am guilty if I fall behind I rarely get caught up and just pick up the line as it comes along. Follow your needle... Hehehe.

Kate said...

Sorry to hear that you have been poorly, specially at your birthday, hope you are well on the mend now.
Love your Shepherds Bush finish (es) they are a favourite of mine - sadly I don't have so many finishes.
Enjoy your family visit.

Catherine said...

What fabulous stitches!!! A happy belated birthday to you ~ I sure hope you are feeling better. A lovely photo of your children!

Barb said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!! I have done it again , I am so sorry I forgot your birthday . A little something will have to be got and posted , but something to look forward to. I missed your last post too , love the bear but bit suprised it wasnt a bunny. Hope you are feeling better now and hope you have a happy unbirthday!
Loads of hugs and ooh nice looking children (young people)you have there. Take care and give those bunnies a hug from me.

Lesleyanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jane. I am so sorry you were poorly. Your SB finishes are gorgeous and you really should get them framed, it's a shame not too. A gorgeous picture of your children.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love your SB finishes - Baby Bug Ball is one of my all-time favourites :)

Mylene said...

Lovely collections of Shepherds Bush designs.
Beautiful picture of your children.
Belated happy Birthday!!

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jane. Those bunny gifts are so sweet!

Now that infection wasn't a nice present at all! Hope you are doing much better now.

Lovely photo of your children.

Love all your SB finishes. They are such a delight to stitch aren't they?

Annette said...

Take your time!!
I love your fabric bunny!!!
He is so cute..
Beautifull piece you made.. and so many already..
Make the last one first then decide what you will do with them all.

I love this pic of the ids..
How awesome to see the boy's in a suit ans a tie.. here we don't have that, and I really am for school outfits..
Everybody is the same..
beautifull kids.. your DD is awesome.. soon you will cuddle again..
Hang in there.. they grow up so fast.. enjoy it...
Before you know a little one is calling you Grandma.. whahahahahahahah

Valma said...

Beautiful family picture with beautiful kids =)
lovely finished of your SB pieces ! they are all so sweet
I really love the one on the red fabric :)
I really hope you feel better now

Maggee said...

Baby Bug Ball is adorable! They all are! How adorable! I know how you feel about your kids... been there. We all have survived! Hugs!

Shebafudge said...

Love your all looks amazing. That is a beautiful photo of you children.