Wednesday, 31 December 2014

HURRY UP 2015 . . .

Only 10 hours to go and then I can happily say goodbye and to be honest, good riddance, to 2014!
It's been a horrible year, full of sadness with the loss of a loved one and full of worrying illnesses which are set to continue into 2015 but hopefully with a full recovery!

Christmas was lovely this year but hard without my MIL, we miss her so much.
A  few days before the big day I was struggling with my foot in the air cast and the continual swelling so medication was prescribed along with crutches and only a maximum output of 25% body weight on that foot is allowed with a warning from the Specialist that this could take 3 months to heal :(
DH and the gang have been so good sorting everything out and they were brilliant with preparing and cooking the Christmas Dinner ~ so proud of them all x

This was my only contribution but had great fun making them with DD ~ melting snowmen on digestive biscuits . . .

I feel my blogging contributions have been poor too ~ the few posts I have contributed have been full of misery but the dark days have been aplenty and I still feel I'm struggling.  I'm so disappointed to have lost, what I considered to be, special blogging friends and sad to find that a lot of previous blogs I followed now say I haven't been invited to read any longer but I guess if I haven't been around to comment to others then this can only be expected.
I'm so grateful to those bloggers that have stuck with me ~ your comments and kind messages mean so much to me x

Now . . . . stitching . . . can I present finishes 2 and 3 of the year (I would say Happy Dance but that's not too hopeful at the moment!)
Yes, I have achieved a whole 3 finishes this year, one was a sheepie pillow for someone and these next 2 have been completed recently . . .

 LHN ~ Snowy Pines (Mill Hill ice beads arrived this morning so almost there!)

and . . .

 Mill Hill Appalachian Santa ~ it's very pretty when the lights catch the beads and sparkle

Struggled a little with his beard but found my own simpler way of doing it!

I have another 2 of these little Santas in the pipeline and have just started the Holly & Ivy Santa, I find them really easy to handle and stitch whilst immobile and having everything all together in a kit makes life a lot easier!

Well, it's not the happiest post ever is it? 
But a year ago I didn't have this little fellow in my life and he certainly has brightened up every day since!  He loved his 1st Christmas, toys and treats aplenty, some a little noisier than others and I'm quite surprised to say the Christmas Tree is still standing up straight and complete with its decorations!!!

Enjoy your celebrations!
Jane, Monty, Tilly & Oscar x


Marlene jones said...

Wishing you all the best for the coming year, like you I'm glad to see the end of 2014

Carol said...

I so hope 2015 brings you a much happier, healthier new year, Jane! I really love seeing your finishes and the melting snowmen are adorable...

Try to put this bad year behind you and look ahead to better times--they WILL happen :) Hugs to you...

Shebafudge said...

Hope 2014 sees all your troubles left behind and that 2015 brings you joy and happiness.

Don't worry about 'depressing' posts as it's part of life. Friends will stick by you 'warts and all'.

Cath said...

Gorgeous finishes.
I hope next year treats you better than this one . I'm still around and happy to chat . Take care and rest that foot. Monty is so adorable . When you're feeling down , give him a hug , I'm sure he will brighten any day .xxx

Vickie said...

Always a treat to get a post from you actually.♥
Monty is beyond adorable in that picture!!
A Blessed, Happy New Year to you all.

Mouse said...

well sorry to hear about the foot but think positive you now can multitask crutches and stitching ;) I will race you to the craft room heheheh ....
love the stitching Hmmmm I am sure I have seen one of those on my blog just recently and awwwwww Monty is adorable :)
wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year with lots of finishes love mouse xxxxx

Ruth said...

Here's to 2015 treating you so much more gently.... but there was Harry Potter, and the totally awesome stitching room, and the arrival f Monty )who is adorable in his Christmas bllig), and those cute melting snowmen, and, and, and. See, 2014 can have fond moments. :)

Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Hope the latest treatment starts to kick n quickly and you get some relief.
Wishing you a happy, healthy & peaceful New Year.

Barb said...

I have not forgotten you sweetie although not been in touch myself this past year, I am hoping it will be a better year this time round and we will both feel more positive. Oh how cute is Monty , and I do hope my favourite bunnies are doing well. Take care Jane and I look forward to seeing more posts from us both lol. Happy New Year to you and yours.Love Barb

Melody said...

Your dog is adorable!

Best wishes for a much happier 2015!!

Mylene said...

I can realte with blogging or about blogging friends.. due to work and other things not much time for hobby at all and i am afraid it will continue...can't relate everything on my blog but do wish i can get some extra time for stitching this year.
I wish you all the best!

Gillie said...

What an adorable picture of the sweet fellow. Do hope 2015 proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable year.......oh, that sewing retreat........wonderful, much better than a surprise party every time!

Carin said...

I wish you all the best for 2015 !
great finishings you had. Love the picture of Monty

Maggee said...

Three finishes are three finishes! It is a contribution to your sanity! Hope that you ARE able to stay off the bad foot and recuperate. And I will pray that 2015 will be full of much happiness for you and your babies! Takes time to get over a loss... Blog when you can, as I do enjoy it! Big Hugs!

Barb said...

Your melting snowmen cookies are adorable and Monty is just too precious.

Best wishes for a much happier year ahead - we're cheering you on.

Annette said...

Happy New year sweetie!!
lets hope 2015 brings us so much more then that teh bad 2014 has done..
I'malso very glad it's over, and a new year, new changes started!!

Wedo what we can.. I love blogging,love reading and comemnting at friends blogs..
We don't all have the tiem and the mood always.. but at teh end we are here!!

Do funny things that make you happy, and let it now to us when you feel to..

I always love seeing what you make.. and reading your posts!!

Have a great weekend