Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Well it's good news so far for Tilly and Oscar ~ we're now 2 weeks through the 4 week course of medication and Tilly remains stable and Oscar fully fit!  Tilly still has her head tilt but we had been warned that that might stay and hopefully she'll learn to cope with it, certainly at the moment these two little bunnies are full of life and sensing Spring is on the doorstep ~ thank you all for your lovely comments, thoughts and prayers xxx

Good news for me too as I saw the Orthopaedic Surgeon on Monday night and my foot is making good progress.  I am still having some pain and swelling underneath the foot which may take some time to improve so I am now waiting to see another Specialist who can make me an orthosis so I can gradually transfer from the air cast boot to a normal shoe ~ nearly a Happy Dance!!!

And .... even more good news ~ I actually have 2 finishes to show you!
That's quite an achievement to me after my poor offering of 3 last year!
They are 2 more Mill Hill Santa's . . .

Holly & Ivy Santa

Lapland Santa

With the one I finished in December I think they will make a nice trio on the tree next Christmas, it's hard to see the beads sparkling in a photo but they are really pretty when the light catches them.

Our promise of snow here in the South of the UK has still not happened, we have the odd flurry and it settles on the roof and car tops for a little while but doesn't hang around for long
so disappointing ~ Monty's waiting so patiently  . . .

So whilst we sit and wait I've started my next stitch and at the moment it has about as much snow as we have had . . .

A Beautiful Dream

This is my 2nd attempt on this design as the first one was using the DMC colours listed on the chart and the result was really dull colours and not too my taste so whilst the air turned slightly blue as I unpicked the 2 middle houses a 2nd attempt began and as shown above it's with my choice of hand-dyed threads!
I'm trying to keep it as Christmassy as possible so lots of Christmas reds and the greens are my choice for the trees, the fabric is as suggested ~ what a brilliant fabric ~ just imagine stitching all that falling snow!

Tomorrow night the Great British Sewing Bee is starting its 3rd series, love this show, 10 contestants whittled down each week to the final 3 and along the way showing us some fantastic (some not) skills and ideas on their sewing machines ~ this will definitely be a me-time with a Do Not Disturb Sign on the door!

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Stay warm if you have the white stuff and if you have lots of it could you send me just a little bit!


Cath said...

Good news all round. So pleased for you. Love the Santas . they look fantastic . ~We have had snow , but just getting frosty mornings at the moment .x

Vickie said...

Oh I am so glad God has remembered the little rabbits. Let us hope they heal completely. And you too!!
Wonderful Mill Hill Santas. They do take a while don't they?
Oh Monty is so adorable!

Mylene said...

Good to hear about little bunnies and you too.
Great job with the Mill Hill Santa's.

Marlene jones said...

Love your Christmas bead ornaments, so very colourful. Glad everyone is well, as for the snow, we had a dusting, laster for a couple of hours, best way to have snow, but my grandsons are praying for loads of snow.

Barb said...

Oh what brilliant news Jane ,I have been worried about those 2 dear bunnies. The Mill Hill Santas are so lovely and I am liking the spotty one too, who is the design by. No perhaps I had better not ask lol. Aww Monty looks so cute and patient too, we have had a sprinkle of snow but it was hardly a covering and was gone in the blink of an eye. Great news for you too ,lets hope 2015 is going to be good for you.

P.J. said...

Hop hop hurray! This is wonderful news. :) and glad to hear you are on the mend as well. Love you snowy houses! We've had 42 inches of snow fall in the past two weeks, we got plenty to go around. Hehehe. Nice finishes with your Mill Hill Santas.

Maggee said...

Just what was needed--good news for you and the bunnies! Very happy to hear it all! And those ornaments you finished are so cute--the beard are adorable! Look forward to seeing what the current WIP looks like finished! Hugs!

Kate said...

Great news on the bunnies and also about your foot.
Love the Santas and your spotty piece is beautiful - who is the designer please?

Lesleyanne said...

Good news all round. Lovely stitching.

Maggie said...

Love those Santa's, and the snowy fabric :-)

Sally said...

Fantastic news for both bunnies and for you :)

Love those Santas and your new start. The fabric is gorgeous.

Mdm Samm said...

p.s your rosie rabbit stitching piece is hopping beautiful