Thursday, 26 February 2015


This Friday is the 1st year Anniversary of the loss of my MIL and the memories of that time bring back much sadness.

   To add to this sadness my husband's Aunt (my MIL's sister) passed away yesterday after a 3 year battle with Dementia.  Although we had been warned last Friday that her deterioration was a concern naturally we are still shocked to have lost her and of course are feeling the heartache today :(  We were very close to her and she has a been a big part of our lives and adored our children ~ a truly lovely and kind lady.
What a cruel disease this is both for the sufferer and the carer ~ to not know a name anymore, to not recognise a face anymore and to live in a world you no longer know and when events that only took place a minute or so previous are straightaway forgotten.  I am happy for her to finally be released from the cruel symptoms she suffered and know now she is peacefully sleeping xxx

I do wish life would pick up!  I'm so fed up with feeling sad and unwell, my foot doesn't want to co-operate and get better and now I have been called for another scan to check my bone density ~ grrrr life!

I have been stitching non-stop ~ I guess it's my way of coping and by concentrating on counting stitches I can try and block both sadness and pain out, not always successful but it helps!

'A Beautiful Dream' is progressing well and a new tree has grown complete with conifers and golden stars are now scattered above the rooftops.

'Santa's Nap' is looking good too and Santa is now growing a lovely white beard, next I can start his face which I'm looking forward to.

Thank you for your comments on my last post and it was nice to hear that many others of you get a lot of comfort from your pets.
Monty was a lucky pup at Christmas and received toys galore ~ he's a real chewer and nothing stays in one piece for more than a day but one toy, a squeaky sheep, took his fancy and that went everywhere with him!
Last week the squeak gave up!!!!  So a dash visit to the Pet Centre and a hunt for a new sheep, none left so instead a new cow . . .

(looks like a fish in this photo but it has 4 legs and udders so definitely a cow!)

Success! Monty love him xxx

Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me


Marlene jones said...

Thinking of you.....look forward to spring, just weeks away, sunny days, loads of new growth in the garden. xxx

Barb said...

I'm so sorry to read of your husband's aunt's passing. This is never easy - my prayers to you and your family.

Monty is such a cutie - he's lucky to have a favorite squeaker toy!!

Rosa said...

My BIL just lost his sister Saturday who would have been 60 this yr to EARILY onset Alzheimer's....a very hard four years for them. I can totally sympathize with you and my condolences for your loss.

Vickie said...

Oh Jane. My husband's grandmother died from this. It was very difficult and terrible.
Our Henry's favorite toy is a squeaky hedgehog. :)

Mouse said...

sorry to hear about your news ..... and you are right stitching helps in all sorts of good ways ... and awwwww Monty looks cute with his new toy ... we have oodles of them all over the place but Bentley's favourites are his teddy bears (gorilllaaa's) he takes them to bed with him :) love mouse xxxx

Gabi said...

So sorry for you. My Mom died of this disease nearly 8 years ago, I know what you went through.
Your aunt has her peace now and you lovely memories of her.
Warm greetings from Germany

Maggee said...

I am so sorry to hear the news about your Aunt's passing. Once winter is a memory, things will pick up! I think winter magnifies the bad stuff, because we are limited in what we can go do! But Spring is right around the corner! Big Hugs!

Carol said...

Oh, Jane, I'm so sorry to read this. Having lost my own father to dementia three months ago, I well know the toll it takes on the family. Unfortunately, I can't get the image of him as he was over the past few years out of my head and that is NOT how I want to remember him...

I'm glad your stitching and Monty are helping you through this sad time... Good luck with the bone density scan (another thing we have in common, apparently!).

Melody said...

I am sorry to read about the loss of your Aunt. I hope the sadness and loss will lessen for you. At least you have that darling Monty to keep you company! What a cute dog! I'm glad you found him a new toy. Your stitching is looking good. The village piece especially is one I like.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Sorry about your loss. Your stitching pieces are coming along. The dog is so cute and bound to bring you some job.

Barb said...

Hello sweetie, Tilly Oscar and Monty, Do hope things pick up for you soon, sorry to hear your sad news, a release from the cruelty of that awful disease. Sorry to hear your foot is still misbehaving , however the same cannot be said of your stitching ,gorgeous ,simply gorgeous. Ollie has a soft sheep that has a squeak ,he does not like the plastic ones. He had it from his friend Barkley for Christmas . Monty looks happy with his new friend. Take care my friend thoughts are with you.

Anne said...

Oh Jane, my heart goes out to you and your family. Dementia is a horrible disease, one that we know all to well. My grandfather passed away from Alzeihmer's two years ago and it was a long road of loosing him. I wish that there was a cure. Beautiful stitching and your puppy is adorable. He must bring you a little happiness amidst the heartache. Hugs

stitchersanon said...

So sorry to hear of your must be really tough. I hope the arrival of spring helps to raise the blues and well, where would any of us be without stitching?

Lesleyanne said...

So sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you and your family. Lovely stitching and Monty is a real cutie.

Sally said...

Oh Jane I am so very sorry. It seems to go like that sometimes unfortunately. I've been to a funeral today of one of my aunties. She was such a lovely lady.

Gorgeous progress on your stitching. This one is so pretty.

Annette said...

So sorry sweetie!!
This most be very hard for you!!
I work in a house with people with Dementia. I think its the most worse illness there is. You don't know what your doing, all things you normally would not do you know do all. Really terrible.
I hope happyness and good luck will come soon for you!
glad you found teh time to stitch, and your working on such great pieces!!
Keep it up. Thinking off you.
Really everytime I open or close the curtains on Kira's room I see a pillow made by you hanging on her window..still so glad with it
Hugss sweetie

Anonymous said...

So sad for your loss,may she RIP.
Oh I do love your house stitchery xx