Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hi everyone

Firstly I'm sending very big hugs and thankyous to my lovely blogging friends that left me such kind comments on my return to blogging land, they all really touched me and I am very grateful for your continued friendship xxx

So straight down to business . . . a new weakness passion for me . . .
The World of Tilda!

Tilda is the creation of Norwegian Tone Finnanger and she designs beautiful fabrics with which we can make her quirky angels, animals and home furnishings.  I'm not sure why I've suddenly fallen in love with this brilliant designer, I bought one of her Angel Kits some 2 years ago and quickly sold it on feeling it was too ambitious for me but a few months ago DH took me to a wonderful fabric shop where they were selling, at a great discount, a lot of stock and I found 4 Tilda books, one for each season, and that was it ~ sold!

I've been naughty and have picked up fat quarters here and there . . .

so all I had to do was choose a project!

You didn't need too many guesses for that did you?

I have to say, wasn't too convinced at this stage and just couldn't envisage this ever looking like a bunny!

Ok, that's bit more like it, ears look strange but at least it's been 'bunnified'!

Now to the best bit ~ as all as girlies would say ~ clothes and make-up!

Red & white polka dot bloomers

Flowery pinafore dress and matching sun bonnet ~ that's better!

Pastel pink satin stitch nose, black bead eyes and my own lipstick for the blushed cheeks

Love it xxx

I'm so pleased with my first Tilda creation and it's given me so much confidence to tackle some of Tone's other designs, they are a little fiddly in places but with patience they are achievable.  I didn't make it easy on myself and instead of using iron-on hemming tape decided to hand-stitch my hems instead and although the clothes should be stitched to the body I wanted mine to be removeable so they are!
Every bunny needs a new set of clothes now and again!

The weather has been gorgeous here in England, several weeks now of hot sunny weather and it's so lovely to be able to sit and sew again.
I'll show you in my next post what I did with the left over bits of this bunny fabric but until then take care everyone and thank you for stopping by.



Cath said...

FANTASTIC FINISH . She is lovely .x

cucki said...

Wow she is so cute..super sweet
Hugs x

Vickie said...

How adorable! Great job. :)

Dawn said...

she is so sweet, well done

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I adore your bunny, Jane! I'm a huge Tilda fan, have several of her books but have yet to try to sew anything. Yours turned out great!!!

Lisa V said...

WOW, such a great little creation.

Angela P said...

That Bunny is just super cute! Welcome back :)

Melody said...

What a cute bunny!!

Blueberry Heart said...

oh. my. word. That is FAB! **Now running to my Tilda books!**

Maggee said...

My sewing skills are long gone, and I have only just started to do small finishes with my sewing machine--basic stuff. I doubt I could ever do anything this extensive. It looks so great--congrats on a wonderful finish! Hugs!

BearShe Cottage said...

Your first Tilda is fantastic. I just got a sewing machine last Christmas and haven't got the courage yet to sew something like that yet. I love the bunny!

Annette said...

Ow Im so jealours!! Im so happy your back and then I see this. For year I like tilde too But What to do with it!! I have the angel pattern also in crochet. But again What to do. But this bunny. So Darn cute!!
Im really happy to see you back on the horse. Im Thinking of you every time close my daughters Window because such a sweet stitched bunny is hanging there from you. I adore it still. Real cute.
And you keep on going with cute bunny s. The fabric you took together are really awesome!! I really love it all. I Love your bunny
Please make more. I wanne see What awesome beautifull thing came rolling down your sleeves

Kate said...

Love, love, love your bunny!
I have most of her books and so far have only made one item from them. Once our house is back in working order I may have to dig them out and see what I can do.

Sally said...

Oh Jane your bunny is so sweet!

Anne said...

It's so nice to see posts from you again Jane! I love your little Tilda bunny!! She is a masterpiece! Very sweet bunny!!